Thursday, 23 February 2012

Blues in Brief

Keep on travellin'
The Exacta Stadium is now a traveller-free zone, following the eviction of some gypsies who had settled on the club car park.

CWaC had moved quickly to settle the dispute, amid fears that the travelling community could provoke a furious reaction from Blues supporters. With the law not applying to Chester FC supporters, some had promised to verbally abuse the travellers which could have prompted violent behaviour.

"If I can’t park on double yellow lines, spew some vile abuse towards people en route to the turnstyle, then vilify a semi-professional referee for 90 minutes then what else am I supposed to do with my Saturday afternoons?" gargled Gary Sidewinder, of H Block.


Chasing the game
It has been widely reported that Neil Young's men missed a hatful of chances last weekend at Chasetown, and locals have confirmed that Chris Simm has been spotted in the area, still desperately trying to find a winner.

Local media identified the striker early on Sunday morning, looking distressed and dishevelled, as a mazy run resulted in Simm clipping the crossbar before bowing his head and trotting off to retrieve the ball for another attempt.

Stranger still, one travelling supporter - donning an Evo-Stik winter jacket - stayed behind to try and "suck in a winner" and bellow "Simmoooo" in a rather grating way. The striker finally cut his losses somewhere mid-evening, ambling over to applaud the travelling support before legging it to the car park to get home in time for Wild At Heart.


Hitting the Marc
The official website recently broke the news that former Wrexham striker Marc Williams has joined the Blues in order to bolster the struggling strikeforce.

Finishing has been an issue recently, with sources close to Michael Wilde confirming that he even struggles to complete his lunch these days, and this has prompted Young to sign Williams, a former Wales
Under-21 international.

The Wales U21 tag does sound initially impressive, although investigations have revealed that the criteria for selection are less than stringent.

"If you're Welsh, a Wrexham player, under the age of 21 or if you attended an Eisteddfod once then the chances are you'll be called up to the squad at some point," admitted Dafydd Welshie, who is manager of the Welsh Under-21 squad, probably.

Naturally, Williams is expected to be irrationally hated by some during the early stages of his Chester career, due to his Wrexham past, but once he scores a goal this will all be conveniently forgotten.  Despite players such as Christian Smith and Wes Baynes having shaken off the stigma of their past, former Wrexham and Chester defender Gareth Evans warned Williams that Chester fans never forget.

"I'm still getting hate mail and abusive phone calls, even though I'm in the States," grumbled the centre back.

"The joke's on them though - it's absolute extortion to call here from the UK."

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