Monday, 19 March 2012

Chester FC 3-2 Bradford Park Avenue - Match Completion

Chester took an important stride forward in their assault on the top of the league by pasting Bradford Park Avenue before letting them have some goals back so that the match didn't peter out the way it did against Buxton and Burscough.

It was a game in which the referee and his assistants weren't anywhere near as bad as you'd think reading The Hysterical Whirlpool of One-Eyed Vitriol (aka. The Devachats), whilst The Av were far better than the half time 3-0 scoreline suggested.

Scoring got underway midway through the first half, Michael Taylor rifling the ball in following the type of goalmouth scramble which has no place in a match that people have paid to watch.

Soon, it was two. Scary Alex Brown confirmed his footballing genius by cleverly falling over the ball nine times whilst managing to keep possession on the edge of the BPA area, before Marc Williams took over and welshed the ball home. Two minutes later, Williams had taffed another goal, heading home a Wes Baynes free kick.

In spite of the absence of Matty McNeil, Chester continued to hoof balls forward in the second half and manager Neil Young admitted defeat to his players, introducing Michael Wilde as a target man.
Meanwhile, Bradford were getting back into the game, the defence presenting Jamie Knowles with a free header who glanced it into the corner of the net. It was the perfect finish, but a few DevaChatters would still have you believe that Adam Judge would have saved it.

Chester's lead was then reduced to a precarious one goal, as the referee made his only notable error of the game awarding a penalty because he didn't like the look on George Horan's face.

"He had a quizzical expression, and it upset me," explained referee Petey Cards.
The penalty was saved by Matt Glennon, who is in line to succeed Michael Powell as 2012 "player most inexplicably criticised due to having replaced someone popular". The rebounded spot kick broke back to Rob O'Brien who finished.

It ended 3-2 but injuries meant that a delayed final whistle gave Merseyrail gaffer Neil Young the chance to see what it's like waiting for a train to turn up in Prescot.

"It seemed to take forever, and there was a worry we might get beaten," confirmed Young.

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