Monday, 5 March 2012

Frickley Athletic 1-3 Chester FC - Match Rinkcavaged

Chester continued their march towards the title on Saturday by disposing of notorious draw-getters Frickley Athletic.

Teams such as Northwich, Hednesford and FC United of Manchester have recently suffered draws at the hands of Frickley, but Chester won.  So have that, yeah?

The game itself was an utter eyesore.  The pitch and the opponents were, as expected, set up to prevent a game of football from breaking out, and both teams resigned themselves to the long ball.

The teams went in 0-0 at the break, with the only moment of interest being when the referee ruled out a George Horan goal for no discernible reason.

"I was thinking about what to have for tea and wasn't really watching," admitted referee Benny Whistle, after the game.

The deadlock was finally broken around the hour mark, when Cool Christian Smith tapped in from the edge of the six yard box, which on that pitch constitutes a screamer.  Just for a laugh, Chester let Frickley have one straight back as Wes Baynes gave the ball away, leading to a Peter Knox goal.

"Wonder if Baynesy 'meant' that one?" grumbled ousted Liam Brownhill.

Iain Howard restored Chester's lead shortly after, with a show of skill entirely unbefitting of the occasion.  Howard was later forced to apologise to the Frickley groundsman for playing the ball on the deck.

"It ruins the pitch when they do things like that," ranted Frickley pitch guru Peter Pitchfork.   "Just take one touch then hoof it, for goodness' sake.  There was actually some grass left on the pitch after the match.  I can't be cleaning up mess like this every week."

The aerial ball was back in force ten minutes after Howard's goal, with Skipper Horan nodding home an Antoni Sarcevic cross.

"It's a risky business, heading the ball these days," explained the Blues captain.  "One false move and my nose could basically end up being a sack of splinters hanging off my face.  That's what the doctor says anyway.  I'm not sure he's that qualified to be honest."

Neil Young was happy with Chester's performance, though once again commented that the goal which his side had conceded was "sloppy".  He latterly confirmed that the reason that he uses this word so often lately is that he's only just learnt it.

"We all have our blind spots," said Young.  "I'd actually never heard the word glimpse until I was 23.  Only ever seen it written down.  Thought it was pronounced "guh-limp-see".  Pretty embarrassing.  But yeah, good show today."

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