Thursday, 26 April 2012

Bye, then

The season is done, and the Jestrian is done with it. We’ve locked up Jestrian HQ and thrown away the key.

We’ve been producing articles daily since August and it’s been exhausting. Fortunately, Chester have enough peculiarities from the boardroom to the pitch to the players to sustain such a model, but even so, this is as good as any a place to end it. It’s been emotional.

There will be a preview of the awards dinner in a couple of weeks, so you’re welcome to join us for that.

For those of you who have wondered, you can see who the Jestrian is by clicking here.

So long and farewell,

The Jestrian

PS. If you were late in the day discovering the Jestrian, here are a few of our favourites for your perusal.

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