Thursday, 2 August 2012

Ways to keep up with the Blues this season

The Jestrian - The only place to be.

The Cestrian - An acutely-written parody of the Jestrian.

The Official Website - Wouldn't bother, mate. - All the news from the official website, without the option to subscribe to Sky Sports punching you in the eyes every three seconds.  Also a great way to keep up with the Exiles darts team.

Twitter - A great way to pretend that you are friends with the players.

The Seals Podcast - A podcast by probable Jestrian Daniel Burns, which begins with the brave artistic move of allowing a primary schooler to recount his "what I did this weekend" homework, before assorted Chronicle journalists make bids for punditry careers.

The Blue and White - A fanzine edited by Rizzle Kicks.

Blues Live - A bit like Blues Live two years ago, except less reliable, less portable and you have to pay.

NATV - A highlights service provided by a committed volunteer, whose work is then ruthlessly hocked for profit.

Chester Chronicle - A collection of men who aspire to be the Jestrian, producing exclusives, interesting interviews and the occasional groundbreaking revelation that Neil Young is keen to win the next match.

The Evening Leader - Just kidding.

Chester Tonight - An easy-to-use cooking sauce.

Dee 106.3 - Tina Turner songs occasionally interrupted by news of an Iain Howard corner.

Radio Merseyside - Coverage reminding Liverpool- or Everton-supporting Cestrians that they have their own team.

Neil Young's Magic Mondays - The Chester manager comandeers the PA system at various Merseyrail stations, using this as a platform to air his thoughts on the weekend just gone, interspersed with his favourite Dubstep Ballads.

Deva Chat - An online messageboard forum containing exclusively level-headed and intelligent debate.  Also a great way to keep up with the Exiles darts team.

Famous Colin Murray - Sometimes Famous Colin Murray mentions Chester on his radio show, which gets Chester fans rushing to iPlayer in order to skip to those golden five minutes.  Murray is then traditionally thanked for his support on Deva Chat by people who don't bother reciprocating the goodwill by listening to the rest of his show.

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