Monday, 8 October 2012

Chester FC 1-1 AFC Halifax - Match Epilogue

Chester were pinned back late on for the second game running on Saturday as they slugged out a 1-1 draw with an in-form FC Halifax Town.

The game was marred by travelling 'fans' invading both the pitch and home sections of the ground, as fighting ensued.  Said Halifax fans were then shepherded back to their seats in the West Stand to enjoy the rest of the game.

"Technically, though they'd thrust their fists into the faces of home supporters and spent time wandering round the pitch with the ball in play, they hadn't attempted to put their feet on any seats, so we couldn't threaten them with ejection," confirmed steward Rasputin Dayglo.

In related news, wanting to whack people with your hands just because they support a different football team to you has been confirmed as "beyond stupid" by scientists at the Royal Institute of Ways to Waste Your Life.

"The best we can hope for is that those involved in causing or sustaining the kind of child-upsetting, moronic violence we saw on Saturday manage to discover some sense of self-awareness, and are made to vomit by their own consciences," nodded Dr Kevin Sauceflower from the Institute.

Following a first half to forget, the game produced a flash point of its own, as Chester skipper George Horan and Shaymen striker Dale Johnson passionately embraced, hands around each other's necks, lifting each other and spinning around on the spot.

"You can take that sort of thing elsewhere, please, lads," said the referee, waving a red card at both.

The game opened up as a result and Antoni Sarcevic produced a moment of pure inspiration, striking a beauty beyond Halifax keeper Matt Glennon.

"Still didn't get a hat-trick at Stalybridge, though, did he?", mused Iain Howard after the game.

Despite Chester's back four consisting, by this stage, of Dom Collins and three midfielders, Town were unable to find the net until the last ten minutes, when substitute Simon Hackney rinsed a rip-snorter beyond John Danby.

With much to ask manager Neil Young about, the journalists assembling for his post-match press conference were seen to be setting up sleeping bags just after full time, ready for the long haul.

"Definitely going to be one of Youngy's chat-marathons tonight," Leader journalist Tennis Ball was heard to mutter to his Chronicle rival The Tall Peacock.

Chester now travel to the Shay on Tuesday with everyone hoping that we can just enjoy a football match, if that's not too much to ask, ta.

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