Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Chester FC vs Bradford Park Avenue - Match Load

Chester welcome Bradford Park Avenue to the Exacta Stadium tonight, needing a win or a draw to top the Blue Square Bet North for the first time this season.

Formerly a Rugby League club, BPA showed their true colours last term by staying well off the pace all season, but still picking up a prize at the end of it.

"The play offs are a bizarre invention, and no-one knows that better than those involved in Rugby League," explained manager John Deacey.  "So, we figured we should just pansy about for most of the season, make sure we're in the places come the end, then sneak ourselves a promotion.  Bit moody, that, eh?"

Indeed, no-one begrudges The Av their success, as it came at the expense of both Chorley Town and FC United of Manchester and that's obviously hilarious.

This fixture last year produced a 3-2 victory for the Blues, in a game with a scoreline that suggests that the occasion should be somewhat easier to remember.

"Did I really?" responded a mildly surprised Blues striker Marc Williams when informed that he scored two goals in the match.

One man who does remember every kick of that game is unsung Chronicle lady-magnet Sharks Prowling, who stood in on Twitter duty for the day, after the Chronicle's usual Tweet-Jockey The Tall Peacock lost his glasses.

"I remember the kick off was an absolute classic," enthused Prowling.  "Decent blow of the whistle, and off we went.  Textbook stuff."

The Clooney of Journalism did, however, refuse to confirm reports that he has planned a smear campaign with the aim of permanently deposing The Peacock.

"Certainly there have been rumours flying around that he's been using the odd split infinitive in his articles, but I didn't start them," insisted a stern Prowling.

Chester manager Neil Young is still uncertain which players he will have available for selection, with several nursing injuries.  He also hasn't decided whether or not he's talking to Michael Powell yet.

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