Tuesday, 16 October 2012

What a world wide web we weave

The Jestrian is proud to announce that it has been awarded the status of the official website of Chester FC.

Following months of unrest over poor design and functionality, and stories about how it's not the club's fault, but the fault of the people to whom the club has inexplicably forfeited its autonomy over its own web space, a change has finally been made.

"We listened to fan feedback that the current website has hard-on-the-eyes white-on-black text, shoddy graphics and is displaying information which is untrue," explained CFC media officer Jaffa Cakes.  "Then we realised that The Jestrian is already doing all of that stuff for free, so we might as well hand them the official tagline."

The incumbent website has often been defended by the club on the basis that it brings in much needed money, but this revenue stream will be replaced.  The City Fans United now intends to sell the contact details of its members to Direct Mailing companies, thereby satisfying the need to earn money from the club's existing supporters by cluttering their lives with irritating adverts that have nothing to do with either Chester or football.

The club's entire online presence has provoked much controversy of late.  The Philosophy Den (aka. The Deva Chats) has recently seen many pleas from boys seeking equal rights for Chester's hooligans.

"We long for a day when all good, salt of the earth football fans can punch people without fear of repercussions," growled one poster, with an avatar of a sovereign ring.  "Those Halifax boys are living the dream."

The web-based consternation has even spilled over onto social networking sites.  There are now so many fake Neil Young Twitter accounts, you'd have thought that one of them might have managed to be funny.

"I can't understand these people who think they're somehow witty, trying to put words into the manager's mouth," mumbled The Jestrian, dusting off his special gold vinyl edition of Merseyrail Hardnut by MC Youngy.

Indeed, Young is thought to severely dislike Twitter and the potential it creates for things like Jamie Rainford to happen. 

"I do like looking at those pictures of wedding dresses on Pinterest, though," confessed the Blues Boss.

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