Tuesday, 31 July 2012

New shirt "not retro"

Dr Lance Obvious from the Royal Institute of The Plain-to-See has courted controversy by pointing out that Chester's new shirt is "clearly not retro".

The new design is supposably modelled on that dish-towel textured 'Toffs' shirt you sometimes see fans wearing down the Exacta, but Dr Obvious's comments have sent shockwaves through the city of Chester.

"It might be the fact that it's got the name of an American bank spilling across the front in big letters.  Or the fact that the material they use these days is different.  It could be that the club crest is entirely different these days," said Dr Obvious, in an emergency press conference called this morning.

"Also, it's a different shade of blue.  Am I really the only one who has noticed this?  In all reality, the shirt Chester FC played in for its first two seasons was a far more "retro" design," he continued, quite correctly.

CFU media mouthpiece Jaffa Cakes has hit back at Dr Obvious's claims, explaining that the shirt is indeed retro as, for the last month or so, it has been perpetually reported to be available for sale to fans "next week".

"It's a nice callback to those days just before we folded," nodded Cakes.

The design was chosen CFU members, who were given a number of choices from which to pick.  The vote was not unanimous, but in spite of this, certain fans have trouble believing that not everyone likes it that much.

"No, sorry, I can't understand that different people have different tastes," ranted one poster on the Mensa-Dome that is Deva Chat.

A green away kit has also been launched, but the pictures have not been published as no-one could see it against the grass.

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