Monday, 29 August 2011

Chester players call for Nantwich result to be stricken form the record

Following their 4-1 marmalising at the hands of Nantwich, a handful of Chester players have asked for the result to be disregarded by the league.

Speaking after the game, John Danby stated that the players felt they had been misled, believing that they were scheduled play against Northwich.   The goalkeeper went on to state that this "affected preparations greatly" and that most of the players "didn't even realise Nantwich was a place".

As fans burnt effigies of Neil Young (which were actually statues that they had erected in his honour outside their houses following the victory against Fake Man U), The City Fans United released a statement issuing apologies to those supporters who had turned up at Northwich and condolences to those who made it to Nantwich.

Meanwhile, Liam Brownhill responded to questions about the game by singing Motown classics at the top of his lungs  and Greg Stones just acted like it was still Sunday.

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