Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Southport Connection

Much has been spoken about Neil Young’s summer dealings in the transfer market, in particular the many Southport connections. Chester’s former Southport contingent now stretches to 53 squad players, many of whom played a key part in their recent successes as well as some who had simply taken their dog for a  walk along Southport beach and were spotted by Young’s eager eye.

Speaking on this policy, Young said “Ask anyone in the pub on a Saturday night and they will tell you about the great footballing teams of the past like Hungary 1954, Brazil 1970 and Southport 2009.  When these players become available, a club like ours has to be in the market for them. For me to sign a player without a Southport background they’ve generally got to be devilishly handsome like John Danby”.

The Chester boss then segued his muse onto the latest developments in the Libya conflict as reporters gently and uneasily inched away.

Southport Fan Club President Raphael Dalglish meanwhile spoke wistfully with a glint in his eyes about the glory days.

“It was a real treat to have the likes of Chris Simm and Rob Marsh-Evans playing at Haig Avenue. And who could forgot Robbie Booth’s flowing locks as he galloped down the wing, and Powell’s wonderfully bouncy fringe – how he achieved such volume on that hair I’ll never know but it was worth the entrance fee alone. When that memorable season finished, I was straight on Amazon to order my Season DVD. We’re only a few signatures short of 100,000 for our petition to have the 2009 heroes recognised by Her Majesty the Queen”.

Benny Woodiwiss, a member of The City Fans United, commented “I didn’t think the squad needed as much tinkering after our successes last season, although the ex-Southport recruitment policy is a welcome change from the old policy of buying Scousers who'd once had a good game against us.”

Neil Young is currently in the process of trying to tie up a permanent deal for left back Matty McGinn.  Of Southport.

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