Saturday, 27 August 2011

Chester's penalties "way more deserved" than Chorley's

Chester go into today's contest with Stocksbridge Park Steels, having picked up three penalties in four games, which is totally different to when Chorley were getting all those penalties last season.

"Obviously I didn't see any of the penalties Chorley were awarded, but they were definitely getting favourable treatment from referees" stated one Harry Mac regular, on his way to watch the Premier League team that he actually supports.

"The difference between Chester and Chorley is that I quite like Chester, and as such I see no issue with the fact that we've been given loads of pennos."

Chorley had a similar start to the previous campaign, picking up about 65 penalties in their first 7 matches, according to reliable news sources such as Deva Chat and Twitter.  Nobody knows the exact figure, as the average attendances of those matches was just 21, if you include the players on the pitch, and no-one in Chorley owns a computer.

In picking up the "getting loads of penalties" torch, Chester fans have had to change their persecution complex slightly, now prefixing every "the referee gave us nothing" with the phrase "other than the penalty".

Manager Neil Young was asked to comment, but spoke for so long that everyone forgot what the question was.

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