Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Well, that was a miscalculation

Chester FC yesterday admitted that they had calculated Saturday's attendance wrongly, giving a revised figure of 2225, a total almost 400 greater than the figure originally quoted of 1850.

The amended figures have wide-reaching consequences, including rendering a perfectly good Jestrian article where we'd come up with reasons for the poor attendance entirely redundant.

And further controversy has arisen, as information found on a club pen-drive, accidentally left on a Merseyrail Train à Grand Distresse, has revealed that a the club used a similar counting method for tallying the votes of anyone who ran against Jeff Banks and Mark Howell for election to the board of The City Fans United.

Almost as disastrous, it means that dullard fans will now have a new, ill-founded confidence when they disagree with the attendance announced.

"I knew it was more like 2225," nodded Jimmy Anorak-Toggles, of the Harry Mac Terrace.

"I can count far better than automated machines, and this proves my narcissism right.  Now, whatever attendance is quoted, I'm going to take my ridiculous guess as the official figure, because clearly the club can't be trusted.

"What do you mean my brain can't compute numbers of that size just by looking?  2225, baby!  Read 'em and weep."

Chief Executive Pet Husky has also confirmed that other previous announcements have been made in error;

"We actually appointed Dave Challinor as manager, not Neil Young," admitted the Rugby League expert.

"Bit awkward, that one.  Youngy turned up on the first day and we realised we'd got the press release wrong.  Fortunately, he's done a decent job and hasn't noticed that the Direct Debit is set up to pay his salary into Challinor's bank account."

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