Thursday, 1 December 2011

Elves in Santa's Worksop

Neil Young faces revolt this weekend, as several players have indicated their intention to swerve Saturday's match in favour of going Christmas shopping.

Chester play host to Worksop in two days time, but with many players working through the week, Saturdays represent their only real chance to buy gifts.

"I've just had a kid, so I've gotta do that thing that parents do where they shower their new-born child with presents, even though they're too young to grasp the idea of gift-giving," explained Popular Michael Wilde.

"I'll try and get it done real quick so I can play the second half."

Meanwhile, right back Liam Brownhill is anxious of leaving his shopping too late;

"Last year I played for Droylesden every Saturday in the lead up to Christmas and couldn't do any shopping.  Suddenly, it's Christmas Eve and I find myself getting the missus a model of the Fat Controller from that weird toy section they have in petrol stations.  I got away with it, cos we've always had a laugh about the fact that the Fat Controller is called Sir Topham Hat these days, 'cos of political correctness, but it was a close call."

Whilst sympathetic, Neil Young has insisted he expects all players to be available for selection come Saturday.

"We've all got shopping to do.  We've even got a Secret Santa at the club.  I got Jeff Banks.  Dunno what I can get him for a fiver.  Maybe another one of those suits he wears?

"The fact remains that we are a football team, and anyone who calls me to tell me they're picking up their Christmas Tree and can't make the match is going to get locked in a Merseyrail Bullet Tram overnight."

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