Monday, 9 January 2012

Rushall Olympic vs Chester FC - Match Hindsight

Chester returned to winning ways on Saturday, travelling to Rushall Olympic and doling out a 4-0 wonder-smash.

Having only lost one league game in four months, manager Neil Young went into the match understandably under immense pressure from the fans.  However, Young retained his sense of humour, whacking the returning Jamie Rainford on the bench in the cold and rain and leaving him there for 90 minutes.

Matty McNeil got scoring underway, after displaying some impressive footwork.  This led to a number of fans turning to their mates and expressing their surprise that someone tall can do something that isn't a header.

"When your feet are more than six feet away from your brain, I'm surprised you have any control over them at all," remarked CFC fan Gordy Science.

Michael Powell doubled Chester's advantage in the second half before Matty McGinn scored a penalty, obviously.  With the Blues in command, Young rang the changes a bit, bringing on Michael Wilde and Chris Simm.  However, in keeping with the rest of the season, it wasn't the strikers who scored the fourth, but rather midfielder Levi Mackin, earlier this week criticised by his new fans for having only ever scored six goals.  Within minutes of his introduction, Mackin, whose name makes it sound like he's a posh version of comedian Lee Mack, coolly side-footed home to complete the rout.

"It was three-nil so far as I'm concerned," moaned travelling fan Garth Helicopter

"Mackin is an ex-Wrexham player, so I refuse to acknowledge his contribution.  Tell you what though, that Christian Smith is brilliant, isn't he?"

Smith has regularly engaged in Twitter-banter with team-mate Simm, a war of words with vaguely sinister undertones.  As part of their commitment to this little battle, both players did something stupid, Smith performing a spectacular airshot and Simm missing a sitter, then it turning out he was offside anyway.  Simm later wrote on Twitter that he was "pissed off" that he didn't start the match, indicating that The Seals Podcast's apparently harmless campaign to get him on Twitter might wind up backfiring wonderfully.

Neil Young joked after the game that McNeil's pre-goal footwork was so good, he should be on Dancing on Ice.  The laughter died down somewhere this morning, when it emerged at training that McNeil had taken the manager at his word and signed up to the ITV show.  The forward has swapped places with Chico, who is now in line to play the lone striker's role against Ebbsfleet.

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