Thursday, 5 January 2012

Young and Naive?

Neil Young is becoming increasingly desperate in his bids to “do something right”, havng faced the wrath of fans after recent results and transfer dealings.

The puffer jacket fanatic has seen wingman Luke Holden depart the Exacta Stadium, as Holden's first team chances dried up, despite  having initially impressed.  Holden subsequently did the classy thing and took to Twitter reveal a sordid tale of broken promises and a complete breakdown of communication with Young.  Holden repeatedly referred to his former boss as a ‘pleb’ and a ‘clown’, but this didn’t stop Blues fans joining “#teamholden” and rallying against a man who oversaw a title-winning team in his first season and has led Chester to the top of the Evo Stick Premier League in his second. 

The bizarre choice to side with man who made just two league appearances over Chester's trophy-winning manager spilled over onto The Remarkable School for Brain Magicians (aka. The Devachats), with many fans arguing Holden’s cause as 'Mark Peers Syndrome' well and truly took over. 

“First Bradley and now Lukey – Youngy’s lost it,” wailed ‘clappingforbanksy’.

Further transfer dealings have irked the Blues faithful as Young moved to secure the services of Blacon boy Levi Mackin yesterday. Many fans have been unable to see past Mackin's Wrexham connection, despite the current squad already boasting two former employees of the A55 Floodlight Brigade.

“Did you see Man City fans complaining when they signed Carlos Tevez from United? Did you? No,” retorted an exasperated Young.

“They even like Owen Hargreaves, for goodness' sake."

And Mackin's goalscoring record of just six goals over a lengthy career hasn’t much helped to appease to notoriously hard-to-impress Chester fans either. 

“I like my defensive midfielders to be prolific. Any less than 15 a season... actually make that 20 because he used to play for Wrexham... just isn’t enough at this level,” argued C Block floater Barney Blinkers.

On a more positive note, the arrival of Mackin has at least caused excitement for board member The Dark Owl, in keeping with his values of enjoying anything to do with Blacon.  

The Gauntlet of Maudlin Vitriol and has been further heightened by recent results, with Young’s men suffering two draws in their last two outings. Accordingly, many have moved to witheringly question the tactics and player selection, because not winning every game clearly doesn’t cut the mustard with some supporters.

"I don't know how United fans put up with Sir Alex," wrote 'changeitwrightgethaarhoffon' on the Devachats.

"They've lost two on the bounce.  Clearly a dreadful manager.  They should get rid.  Sort it out Young."

Meanwhile, when questioned by the fame-hungry The Tall Peacock on how Mackin will fit into his system, Neil Young chose instead to reflect upon the traits of ancient North American tribe The Abenaki.

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