Friday, 7 December 2012

Brackley Town vs Chester FC - Match Gawp

Chester finally face their primary contenders for the season Brackley Town tomorrow, with creative fans ready to come up with hilarious names for the Northamptonshire side should the rivallry become a bit tasty.

"We need our Chorley for the season," explained Proportionate Blue off of the Deva Chats before starting a brainstorming session.  "Brackscum has a good, witty ring to it. Or Scumley.  Brackley Scumtown?"

Inexplicably, Brackley currently sit third in the league a point behind the equally unlikely Guiseley in second and with a game in hand.  Meanwhile, Halifax are a massive 20 points behind Chester.  Yeah, that's right, twenty points.  Know your place, Shaymen.

Chester are without Dom Collins and Scott Brown for the clash, with both suspended, whilst training was cancelled this week after several players called in sick.

"I just got a string of phonecalls from the lads, all with suspicious-sounding sore throats, saying they couldn't show up," mused Neil Young, talking to the Jestrian whilst he was supposed to be on the phone to the Seals Podcast. "I've heard reports that they were embroiled in a pretty tense game of High Stakes Snap at Gary Powell's house.  If I find there's any truth in that rumour, people are going to be in trouble.  Not inviting Youngy?  Youngy's an expert Snapper. Don't leave Youngy out.  Youngy."

With ice and rain sweeping the country, Brackley had confirmed that the game is fine to go ahead, with a press release stating that St James Park is perfect playing condition.  However, manager Jon Brady has confirmed that this was a somewhat confused message.

"We asked the pitch inspectors to take a look at the St James Park pitch, and they went down to Exeter," despaired the former Chester City Aussie.  "I wouldn't mind, but if you were going to get the wrong SJP, surely you'd go to Newcastle?"

Amongst the more notable Brackley players is keeper Billy Turley who quit the club earlier in the season, only to return after Brackley registered a heavy loss in their first game without him.

"He's basically a goalkeeping version of Steve Ashton," nodded Neil Young.

A victory for the Blues will see them strengthen their grip on the number one spot, which they've managed to maintain despite not having played all that well for about six weeks now.

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