Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Chester FC vs Harrogate Town - Match Inhale

Chester FC take on Harrogate Town tonight, with the question on everyone's lips being "are they the lot with a railway?"

As it transpires, Harrogate Town are a separate entity to Harrogate Railway, a revelation which disappointed Chester manager and train boffin Neil Young.

"Thought I was gonna be able to chat choo-choos with their officials," sulked the Blue Chief.  "Had a right evening planned."

With competition for places fierce, things could hot up further still with Tony Gray eager for a recall, Scott Brown recovering from injury, Professor Plum impressing in training and Colonel Mustard offering a different option on the right wing.

Manager Young is wary of the opposition and has stated that the club is in "a false position", which is his way of describing North Yorkshire.

A familiar face to Chester fans, Harrogate have Lee Elam in their squad - something that most football teams have been able to boast at one time or another.

"He's had 16 clubs now - you try taking that many on a golf course, you'd get disqualified," mused Young.

Meanwhile, Adam Bolder is considered a rock in midfield for the visitors.

"Easy, now...", warned the Pun Police.

With on field matters at an all-time high, fans are looking to get their moaning fix elsewhere, with Deva Chat controversies raging in the past week over such spectacularly dull issues as pies, players celebrating on the wrong side of the pitch, the fact that Neil Young is paid for his job and the fact that Nathan Jarman likes to play, having travelling from Scunthorpe and all.

"I don't even like pies, but the fact is I need the hormone release that comes with having a good gripe," admitted one poster.  "And let's be fair now - those Racecourse monstrosities are not pies, so it's a cause worth fighting."

Furthermore, the players have considered the request that they celebrate in front of the West Stand now and then, but have ruled it out on the basis that celebrating in front of a wall of silence can be quite disheartening as it can have the effect of suddenly reminding you that football just doesn't matter.

"Besides, the West Stand has had its excitement for the year when they cheered a man throwing the ball back on the pitch on Saturday.  Bizarre that they should choose that moment to break a five year silence, but each to their own I suppose," mumbled club historian Jazz Drummer.

A win for the Blues will keep them top of the tree over Christmas, before the tree is taken out and left in the yard for the duration of January.

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