Monday, 24 December 2012

Some things aren't anybody's fault

Selfish, selfish Chester fans have ignored The Jestrian's need for a Christmas break after their gamble to travel to Workington for a game that never seemed likely to go ahead backfired in unfortunate circumstances, with the inevitable cancellation coming at 1.40pm.  By this point, many travellers were already in or near the ground.

With Blues fans out of pocket for an ultimately pointless journey at an already expensive time of year, many have taken it upon themselves to blame various human beings for the meteorological conditions.  The referee has taken the brunt of the abuse, with some stating that he is a 'disgrace' and calling for his sacking.

"The ref should have called the match off based on the weather forecast," whined one fan, who had access to the exact same forecast before choosing to travel.

In any event, you cannot call a match off based on a weather forecast, as these are notoriously unreliable.  Indeed, some vaguely more sensible Blues accepted this and instead chose to criticise the match official's decision to pass the pitch fit to play at 12.30.

"I obviously wasn't there to see the pitch at that time, but it was definitely the wrong decision," frothed Henry Drainpipes, away day regular.

Meanwhile, scientists have confirmed that yes, of course a pitch can be playable at 12.30 but not at 13.40, for goodness' sake.

Others have complained that Workington's desperation to actually play the football match that they had travelled to see is to blame for the entire debacle, whilst Neil Young, who didn't want the game played, has escaped criticism.

"Obviously Youngy shouldn't be criticised, but then nor should anyone else really, so it's a bit inconsistent, isn't it?", mused Dr Gerald Breadbasket from the Royal Institute of Reasoned Voices.  "Research shows that some things are just no-one's fault, however much you might want a scapegoat.  You took the risk, and on this occasion, events out of anyone's control meant that it didn't pay off.  If you accept this, you'll probably manage to be a bit more philosophical about things when these unfortunate events come to pass, and you'll probably have a happier life for it."

Chester's next game is against Droylesden on Boxing Day, provided the referee doesn't cause the ground to freeze half an hour before kick off.

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