Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Cheadle Town vs Chester FC - Match Peek

Chester FC take on Cheadle Town in the Cheshire Senior Cup tonight, in the pursuit of a piece of silverware which is very possibly a plaque that gets knocked up by Queenferry Sports.

"Chester always go out pretty early," explained CFU media gopher Jaffa Cakes. "We're not even sure if they keep playing the tournament once we're out - it might all be an elaborate prank on us."

Cheadle is best known for being the surname of American actor Don and also for rhyming with Weedle, which is a Pokémon.

"It's a little known bit of trivia that the much loved twins in Alice in Wonderland were originally called Cheadle Dumb and Cheadle Dee," added CFC historian Jazz Drummer.

The hosts boast Park Road Stadium as their home ground - a venue famous for containing three words that could be the final word in a stadium name, but none that should be the first word.

"For boring stadium monikers, it's right up there with Lane Street Ground - home of United City Rangers FC," nodded Chester manager Neil Young.

Confusion has been rife in the last 24 hours, as the Senior Blues supporters' group contacted Young to ask which of them he requires for the match.

"They thought it was the Cheshire Seniors Cup," sighed the Blue Boss.  "They sent me a telegram outlining their recommended formation and asked if we could maybe get some boiled sweets in for half time."
Young is instead expected to delve into the opposite end of the age spectrum, and call some youth players into his squad.

"Apparently I'm not allowed to play the under 9s, though," raged The King of The Seals.  "They're 'too young' or some such rubbish."

"I tell you what, when the Senior Blues were 8 or 9, they were probably down the pit whilst doing really hard O Levels about powdered eggs, or whatever it is that makes them seem to resent young people so much."
Victory for the Blues will allow players, management and fans alike to grumble about there being too many cup competitions for a bit longer, as though there's some deeper meaning to sport than playing games and winning trophies.

"Could do with getting beat tonight. Fed up of these pointless cup competitions," said fan Calvin Relevant, fresh from whining on Saturday that he didn't have a match to attend.

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