Thursday, 29 November 2012

Chester FC 2-1 Corby Town - Match Solve

Chester overcame a brief scare last night to register a 2-1 victory against a plucky Corby outfit.

On the sort of cold evening that makes you miss the days that Neil Young sported puffer jackets, the Blues raced into the lead, with Matty McGinn lashing home from the angle.

"Nice to be over that two month dead leg," sighed McGinn.  "It was like that time when I had a six week nose bleed or the time I hiccupped for four years straight."

The Blues managed to stumble to half time without doing much else, and even a rendition of the Gangnam Style dance from Young and Gary Powell couldn't rally the troops.

"We kept it going for a good six or seven minutes, but the lads didn't respond," growled Young. 

After the half time interval, the Seals found themselves under pressure from the pink-clad Corby, and Chronicle stand-in Twitter man Sharks Prowling turned all Yoda on us.

"Booked is Corby's Piergianni," tweeted a mystical Prowling.

The force was not strong in Chester however, and Corby worked their way back into the game through a Liam Hughes header.

"Remember those days I used to keep all those clean sheets?", reminisced a sad John Danby.

With ten minutes to go, manager Young finally caved on his bet with Gary Jones that he could win the game without bringing on Ben Mills, and the former Macc striker entered the fray, whilst the Chester boss handed a crumpled fiver to his assistant with a furious expression.

With Corby shorn of a man following a red card, it fell to Dave Hankin to give Chester the win, smashing home from close quarters.

"It was nice to see the fans go crazy as, until that point, I hadn't noticed that any had turned up," nodded Hankin.

Chester now look towards the weekend with Worcester due at the Exacta Stadium for their first game in December.

"We'll try our best for the next few weeks, but to be honest, I'm mostly going to be focussed on finding the perfect turkey in the weeks leading up to Christmas," confirmed Young.

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