Monday, 5 November 2012

Time Management

Neil Young is believed to be re-assessing his intention to go full time at the end of the month, following a couple of football-free weekends.

Young, known to himself as The Supreme Seal, had planned to ditch his Merseyrail job in order to focus his attentions on football.

"There's only so long you can mess about in a pipe dream job like that before you have to settle down into a more realistic career like football management," sighed Young.

However, as things stand, the work just isn't there, with Chester FC enduring two free Saturdays out of three, causing the Blues manager to reconsider his options.

"Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the time off," cautioned the Chester Chief. "I managed to make a good dent in my Attack of the Killer Tomatoes DVD boxset this weekend."

"You do feel like you're skiving a bit though. I might have to take up a hobby. Beekeeping maybe. We get through a lot of honey in our house. I reckon I could fashion a makeshift beekeeper suit out of an old puffer coat and a cricket helmet. Something to think about."

Chester will return to some sort of action in the Cheshire Cup on Wednesday, travelling to Cheadle Town.

"Is it the Stoke Cheadle or the Manchester one?", queried Young. "Might send eleven men to each. Bit of starting line up roulette. What's not to love?"

Meanwhile, reports surfacing that Young is to finally bring in a target man have been quashed by his back room staff.

"No, no you've mis-heard," laughed an amused coach Gary Powell.  "Neil just said that we're going to bring in a target, man.  We've bought one of those target things you get in archery to help our strikers with their shooting practice."

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