Thursday, 15 November 2012

Worksop Town 2-0 Chester FC - Match Treatment

Chester crashed out of the FA Trophy last night to the disappointment of many fans and the bizarre indifference of others.

Despite Chester missing out on a £4000 reward and waving goodbye to any dreams of Wembley for another year, some fans have moved to chastise those for expressing their unhappiness at the 2-0 defeat at the hands of Worksop Town.

"Oh, sack the manager!" said one sarcastic Deva Chat poster in response to posts that said nothing of the sort.

A hardy bunch of just over one hundred Chester fans turned up to witness The Blues pick up where they left off on Saturday and crumble in the face of an inoffensive Worksop outfit.

"You'd think the lads had just wandered out at the Ali Sami Yen Stadium or something," commented travelling hero Peter Polevault.

Likely reasons for the poor performance are the vast amount of injuries ravaging the squad and the absence of usual Tweetjockey The Tall Peacock from the stands.

"I couldn't bear another game like Saturday," muttered the Chronicle journalist.  "A horrible performance, then Youngy giving it the hair-dryer after the game. I came away with a proper bouffont."

Blues players are known to be 37% less efficient when they know that their achievements are not being broadcast to The Peacock's thousands of followers.

"Strikers have been known to deliberately shank shots wide in the knowledge that The Peacock isn't there to mis-attribute the assist," nodded Club Historian Jazz Drummer.  "It's just not the same."

Worksop raced into a first half lead, Matt Young and Leon Mettam netting past an enraged John Danby, who chose the aftermath of the goals to trial his Bruce Banner impression.

With the Blues lucky to go in at the break 2-0 down, Chester manager Neil Young was spotted doing some light stretching on his way into the changing room for his half-time 'chat'.

Whatever was said was of little to no consequence, however, as the Seals failed to get themselves on the scoresheet.  Such an occurrence is these days rarer than a good reason to visit Wrexham, and rather summed up the miserable evening.

"At least we can concentrate on the league now," said fan Jocelyn Treeswing.

Indeed, the Blues should now walk their way to the title, having spent most of their Blue Square Bet North games so far distracted by the thought of a shiny, shiny trophy.

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