Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Chorley Town vs Chester FC - Sense Of Forboding Preview

Chester travel to Chorley Town tonight for what we can only hope is the final chapter in the utter non-rivalry that the two teams seem to have struck up.

The whole day is likely to be marred by an inevitably excessive police presence - something which apparently comes as a complete surprise to those fans who turned up last year, snarling and shaking a fence in blind fury.

"The police can't wait to get involved can they?  Just cos last year, fans on both sides turned up and acted like stroppy four year olds apparently now we need the fuzz on hand to monitor us," grumbled trendy fan Adrian Grizzlybear.  "Why can't they just accept that throwing heavy stuff and getting into fights is a valid way of supporting your team?"

The game is a dead rubber for the already-confirmed champions Chester, but Chorley Town are fighting to secure third place, giving them a logistical advantage is the play offs.

"We're fired up for this, because we want to make sure that Chorley Town don't follow us up again this year," grimaced Neil Young.  "Honestly, I cannot bear listening to large sections of our support acting like they're massive rivals again next season."

Chester have the opportunity to reach 100 goals and 100 points in the league this season, and Young also moved to confirm that he will be attending the remaining games dressed in full cricketing gear, intending to nonchalantly raise his bat to onlooking Blues fans when the hundredth goal hits the net.

"Oh, by the way, let Deva Chat know that I'm not going to put Pat Nevin and Perry Groves on the bench for any game ever, would you?" he concluded exasperatedly.

Another player unlikely to feature in Young’s plans for the next two games is Michael Wilde, who has feigned a groin strain so that he can enjoy being “back” from injury just one more time once pre-season comes around.

Victory Park plays host to the game and a large crowd is expected.  Chorley’s stadium is often erroneously referred to as Victory Road, which is in fact a meeting venue from the original Pok√©mon video game.  A bizarre, greyscale world, full of odd looking creatures who are bred to fight each other, Chorley is in the North West of England.

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