Monday, 17 September 2012

Boston United 3-2 Chester FC - Match Letter

Chester finally lost a match at the weekend, running out on the wrong end of a 3-2 scoreline against Boston.

The Lincolnshire outfit - best known by Blues fans for stealing Daryl Clare back in 2004 by cunningly being located where the Clare family felt most settled - gave Chester a first-half hiding, mostly by running really fast at defensive line which seemed to lack pace of its own.

The hosts flew into the lead after eight minutes, Ben Fairclough slotting one past John Danby, who picked the ball out of the net, chuckling to himself.

"Heh, it's not like we're gonna lose, is it?", he was heard to snigger to captain George Horan.

The Chester keeper wore a slightly more confused look as Fairclough's second goal shot past him just after the half hour mark.  Then - two minutes later - Marc Newsham nipped in to make it three, taking advantage of the fact that Danby and Wes Baynes had stopped to have a chat about whether either of them could remember what it was like to experience defeat.

Manager Neil Young switched things up at half-time, introducing Nathan Jarman and the inexplicably perpetual substitute Iain Howard.  Barely five minutes had passed before Howard had netted twice and brought his team back into the game.

"I'm starting to think this lad might actually be half-decent, you know," muttered Young to his assistant Gary Jones, as the plasterer celebrated his second.

Despite their best efforts, however, the Seals could not provide a levelling third goal and it finished 3-2.

"For those interested in statistics, this is the first league game that Chester have lost in flippin' ages," confirmed club historian Jazz Drummer.

Young made no excuses to the gaggle of journalists who finally had the chance to dust off their "questions to ask after a defeat" cheat-sheets.  The Blue Chief stated that he was unhappy with the team's first half performance and "fed up" with the then-ongoing Ben Mills transfer debacle.  He went on to comment that he is "proper bored" of making substitutions and that writing teamtalks has become "a right chore."

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