Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Chester FC vs Gainsborough Trinity - Match Soak

Chester welcome Gainsborough Trinity to the Exacta Stadium tonight as they have another go at getting past the FA Cup second qualifying round.

Halifax await in the third qualifying round, which is far more exciting a fixture than the Blues usually manage to land in cup competitions, and therefore Gainsborough will be confident of the victory.  They do, however, face a grim widweek trip from Lincolnshire and no-one needs that.

In a recent interview with Leader leader Tennis Ball, the imminently full-time Chester boss Neil Young stated that he understands "big business and strategy", leading to suspicions that Saturday's draw at the Northolme was cleverly engineered by the Seals Supremo.

"This replay is gonna bring in some serious cash," mused Chronicle journalist The Tall Peacock.  "Youngy might have pulled off a masterstroke, here."

Young has also signed two new strikers, but will have to wait to play with his new toys, as neither man was signed in time to be eligible.  The most recent, Tony Gray, has scored 78 goals for Southport whilst Mark Redshaw, signed late last week, has played in 78 different countries.

"Tony will provide us with a direct goal threat," confirmed Young.  "Mark, on the other hand, will be a bit more subtle.  He's like super multi-lingual by this point, so he's gonna try holding conversations with centre backs in foreign languages.  They'll be trying to remember the French grammar they were taught at GCSE, then BANG!  Mark's netted one.

"It's a bit leftfield, but it just might work."

The game will only go ahead provided that the unneccessary rain that has been hanging round these last couple of days ceases. 

"The rain has been pounding down in the stands," confirmed Chester CEO Pet Husky.  "It's the first time that anything in the West Stand has ever been described as 'bouncing'."

Should the game remain level after 90 minutes, extra time and penalties are in store, which is always exciting when it's on TV and not your team, but it better not happen tonight.

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