Monday, 24 September 2012

Gainsborough Trinity 1-1 Chester FC - FA Cup Write-Up

Fresh off the back of their first defeat of the season, Chester produced their first draw on Saturday, after manager Neil Young indicated that he found a 7-0-1 record aesthetically troubling.

The Blues trotted out Lincolnshire way for the second weekend running for their first ever FA Cup-ish outing as they took on Gainsborough Trinity in the second qualifying round of the country's oldest cup competition.

Gainsborough's line up featured not only Blues legend Darryn Stamp but also a man called Luke Waterfall, which is not a name.

The hosts took the lead after 10 minutes as Gainsborough striker Paul Connor scored with a looping header.  In the immediate aftermath of the goal, many Blues fans could be seen preparing their post-match drawl about how it "doesn't matter that we lost" and how it's amazing that Chester are even in the FA Cup after everything the club has been through.

"Remember where we were three years ago," ranted away-day regular Julie Saltshaker.  "We weren't playing in the FA Cup, I can tell you that much.

"Yes ok, we were a few weeks later when we entered at the fourth qualifying round, but I think you're missing the point."

Chester refused to bow to their opposition, however, and fought back hard, roared on by manager Young, who has this season traded his trademark puffer coat for the suited-and-booted look.

"The board told me they could get a job lot of custom-made Jeff Banks suits for me," recounted Young of his new clobber.  "I thought they meant the designer label, but it turns out that they meant CFU director Banksy wanted rid of some of his formal wear.

"Bit annoying but I've cut the Matalan labels out and I'm making the best of it."

Chester got their equaliser on the half hour mark, slotting home well after good work by Antoni Sarcevic.  Jarman wheeled away in celebration, though it later turned out that he was chasing down the assistant referee in order to ask how many qualifying rounds there actually are.

"He didn't know either, can someone find out for me?", asked Jarman after the game, his request met by a sea blank faces in the press area.

The 1-1 scoreline remained for the rest of the game, and whilst the Chester manager believed that they could have won the game, Young indicated that he was pleased enough with the result.

"Wednesday nights have been boring round Youngy's house ever since they moved Corrie to a Thursday," admitted the Seals Commander.  "It'll be nice to have something to do."

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