Friday, 28 September 2012

Stalybridge Celtic vs Chester FC - Match Chew

Chester FC travel to Stalybridge Celtic tomorrow as they return to league action seeking to topple inexplicable Blue Square North leaders Brackley from the head of the table.

The Blues finally lost their first league game of the season a fortnight ago when Boston United made an unwelcome nuisance of themselves by defeating the Blues 3-2.

"I cannot be doing with teams who try to be all clever by winning and stuff," grumbled Chester boss Neil Young when reminded of the York Street clash.  "I'm trying to run a football club here, and that's not a job that's made any easier by these Smart Alecs coming along and trying to beat us."

Young has finally increased his striking options, having signed free-scoring forward Tony Gray.  Gray, who has a name that's more suited to a stationery salesman, might actually be a stationery salesman in his other job.  We've not done the research, to be honest.

"I've wanted to sign for Chester for a while," Gray told Chronicle human-typewriter The Tall Peacock.  "Heard all kinds of great stuff about the Exacta - my old mate Mike Powell told me that I might get a pint of ale named after me or a name-check in an MC Youngy's record.  It's the clearly the place to be."

Young had also expected to have the well-travelled forward Mark Redshaw at his disposal, but reports now suggest that the former Manchester United trainee will not be signing for the Blues.

"To tell you the truth, we're not actually sure he was ever a real player," admitted Young.  "Seems there's quite a bit of evidence to suggest that he might just have been a FIFA 12 avatar that got out of hand."

Stalybridge are managed by Jim Harvey, who had a stint as Chester City boss before he was sacked and replaced by Morrell Maison - a move which ought to have been staggering, but that came at such a time in the club's history that it seemed about right, all told.  There have been occasional calls for Harvey's return since the formation of the new club, from fans who presumably figure that Harvey forged a strong emotional attachment with a club which failed to pay his players properly before sacking him.

"I'm sure he'd love to come back," insisted Deva Chat poster 'youngysoutofhisdepth'.  "He's bound to have fond memories of that time - managing a team with dwindling crowds and financial woes whilst enjoying no job security whatsoever.  That's the dream."

The Blues may also run into former City players Tim Ryan and Kristian Platt as well as Andy Ralph, that goalkeeper that seemed to get a trial at Chester every pre-season back in the early 2000s.

A pitch inspection is expected at 9.30am, but not for the purposes of establishing whether play will go ahead.  It just turns out that the people of Stalybridge like to do that kind of thing.

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