Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Young Heartbreak

Chester assistant manager Gary Jones has asked journalists to respect boss Neil Young's right to privacy as the Blues Supremo attempts to come to terms with the breakdown of his club's relationship with striker Ben Mills.

Following a drawn-out rocky period, Young eventually chose to let the liaison perish.  Whilst the former Colwyn Bay manager put on a brave show for a recent press release, it is believed that he has taken the whole incident rather hard.

"He's been in here well past last orders every night since the Boston game," reported Blues Bar manager Raving Larry.  "He had pictures of him and Ben doing the Milbot together and he was recounting the moment that he secured the loan deal.  He's clearly hurting right now."

Young's second-in-command Jones admits it has been a difficult time for all concerned.
"Neil knows he's done the right thing, but sometimes that's not enough," said the ex-Tranmere forward.  "We've had to confiscate his phone as he was sending Millsy texts, pleading, trying to see if he could make things work."

"He needs a bit of time, that's all.  Neil's a great gaffer and there's plenty of strikers who'd consider themselves lucky to play for him.  He just can't see that right now."

First team coach Gary Powell has also been helping Young's recovery.

"We're trying to help him keep busy.  We're gonna take him for a scouting mission in Elgin midweek.  Let him meet some new strikers," said Powell.  "Hopefully he won't go on the rebound and sign the first guy who scores against us, though.  That's how the old Chester did business, and no-one wants that."

Young has insisted to Blues fans that he did everything in his power to make the permanent transfer happen, including offering the Macclesfield forward a barrel of Spitting Feathers and a fortnightly text from friend of the club, Famous Colin Murray.

"It all turned out to be futile," reported Chronicle writing-ninja The Tall Peacock.  "It transpires that Ben took Neil round to meet his agent and club, and they didn't approve.  Kept telling Ben he could do better, apparently.  It's a real shame, but maybe one day things will settle down to a level where they can try again."

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