Friday, 14 September 2012

Boston United vs Chester FC - Match Envelope

Chester travel to Boston United tomorrow attempting to maintain their 100% record into an eighth game.

The match is threatening to be overshadowed by the ongoing will-he-won't-he transfer saga of top scorer and bona fide fan of the Jestrian, Ben Mills.

"I've been poking Neil Young in the arm and asking 'has he signed yet?' all week," admitted Chronicle print-prince The Tall Peacock.  "Still nothing though, so I'll keep trying."

Young will have to endure a long journey down to the Lincolnshire pub, and is thought to be dreading it already.

"These coach trips are horrible," murmered the Blues boss.  "The lads refuse to wear their seatbelts, climb all over the seats, pelt each other with sweets and, I tell you, if I had a pound for every time Wes Baynes talks to the driver while the bus is in motion... it's a nightmare, seriously."

Many people consider that Boston should have done the decent thing and folded by now, responsible as they are for properly launching the managerial career of Steve Evans.

"Utterly inexcusable, the way they carry on shamelessly like it's not their fault that he springs up on TV in the FA Cup every year," insisted football follower and keen fan of taxes Dean Watervole.

The Pilgrims reached the play-offs two seasons back but were knocked out by Guiseley.  Yes, that Guiseley.

Chester previously visited York Street in 2004, at the dawn of Ian Rush's time in charge.  Rush reportedly stormed into the dressing room at half time to confront his new players, angrily informing them that football "isn't science rockets".  This has become Chester folklore, despite the fact that it pretty much definitely didn't happen.

The game will be covered live on Endeavour Radio, who aren't inflicting a subscription fee and a dreadful website upon you for the privilege.

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