Monday, 7 November 2011

Chester FC 2-0 Stafford Rangers - Match Hoot

Chester returned to winning ways, and continued their march towards Wembley by overcoming Stafford 2-0 in the FA Trophy on Saturday.

In a game where the Stafford fans actually brought a dog with them, to try and make it look a real Sunday league affair, left winger Luke Holden also made his debut, as Neil Young strengthened the one position that didn't need it.

In the wake of controversial comments made by out of favour striker Jamie Rainford and his associates on social networking sites, Chronicle journalist Raul Meal-Socks tweeted that Young had joked before the game that the match had been sponsored by Facebook, thereby stealing our punchline.  A journalist for the Jestrian was ejected from the ground shortly afterwards for attempting to take revenge on the Blues manager.

"We apprehended the culprit trying to break into the changing room in order to deliver the teamtalk before Neil got there," explained head steward Timmy Perks.

Once the match, sponsored by Facebook, started, Chester continued their recent habit of hilariously missing easy chances.  Jerome Wright was the main culprit this time, choosing the moment that he was presented with an open goal as the perfect time to publically air a well-chiselled comedy trip.  At the end of a frustrating first half, Chester won themselves a penalty, and Matty McGinn converted coolly his first spot-kick since his permanent signing, having scored four during his loan spell at the club.

"To be honest, the penalty situation has been upsetting.  We were getting loads when I was on loan, so I signed up.  Since then, nothing.  It's sort of like going out with a girl who you think is amazing, so you marry her and then it turns out she doesn't win loads of penalties after all," said Matty McGinn, giving up on his similie half-way through it.

And Chester doubled their lead at the start of the second half, Robbie Booth scored from a rebounded Jerome Wright effort. It was chance that would have been harder to miss than score, but that is no guarantee of anything just at the moment.

With the game apparently safe, Chester set about picking up some bookings, in order to let the ref do some colouring in his notebook.  With Michael Taylor already booked, Michael Powell was feeling rather left out and grabbed his traditional tame yellow, Christian Smith was booked for refusing to remove his shades and Matty McGinn was booked for trying to explain his aforementioned failed similie to the referee.

The game ended 2-0, but manager Young found himself having to field more questions about Facebook.

"I don't know what goes on on these sites.  I cancelled my account when I got a bit too into playing Bejewelled Blitz," confessed the boss.

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