Tuesday, 1 November 2011

A Judge on the bench

Goalkeeper Adam Judge has had so little to do this season, that this is probably the first time we've even uttered his name on the Jestrian.

 And as John Danby's deputy offered us an interview, we'd actually forgotten his first name, calling him Timmy Judge for 20 minutes before a nearby club official thought to offer a correction.

"It's tough, not getting a chance in the first team.  Some days, I'm waking up, looking in the mirror and saying 'you can do better than this, Timmy,’" said the shot-stopper, kindly sparing our blushes.

"At one point during the run of seven games without conceding, I thought I might never play football again.  How does a goalkeeper fight his way into a team that's not conceding goals?  Don't get me wrong, I tried to hire a hitman to wipe Danby out, but he gave up after finding it impossible to get past George Horan and Michael Taylor.  Turns out that even if you've got a gun, George will grapple with you."

Neil Young attempted to offer some words of encouragement to the frustrated 'keeper.

"Who?  Judds?  Jush?  Judge?  Judge... oh grief, Judgy, yeah, he's still around isn't he?  Blimey, I'd forgotten about him," said the Blues boss, turning to his assistant Gary Jones to check that Judge has still been turning up to training.

"Yeah, very much in our plans, is... erm... I want to say Timmy?" he continued.

Adam Judge spent a large portion of last season as Chester's number one, before being replaced at Radcliffe by bizarre one-off Josh Lennie.

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