Friday, 4 November 2011

Chester FC vs Stafford Rangers - Match Preview

Chester take a break from league action tomorrow, when they take on Stafford Rangers in the FA Trophy. The Blues secured a 3-0 win at Marsden Road earlier in the season but after failing to win in the previous two matches, confidence is fragile.

Neil Young may shuffle his pack after the disappointing loss at Bradford on Wednesday where his strikers missed a hatful of chances. On the subject of chances, the popular opinion seems to be that striker Jamie Rainford is fast running out of them. Following the Bradford game, the genius took to Facebook to vent his frustration at being dropped from the team despite having scored a goal on Saturday, and declared himself to be "past caring".  This incensed certain sections of Chester support so gravely that you'd be forgiven for thinking that caring is now the only criterion required to wear the blue and white shirt.

"I had a questioning technique when dealing with potential signings, but that's all changed since I read The Devachat this week," admitted Young.

"Now I’m gonna just say 'D'ya care? A lot?' and if the answer is yes then that's good enough for me.”

Rainford's behaviour has had a positive impact on Chris Simm who can now feasibly not score for the rest of the season, nipple twist Barry Hipkiss and sleep with a team mate's wife without the fans batting an eyelid, so long as he continues to not be Jamie Rainford.

In advance of tomorrow's match against Stafford, Neil Young was quizzed on whether changes would be made, with it being a cup encounter.

"Ahhh jeez, it's in the cup?" groaned the Mersey Rail supremo.

"Nobody mentioned that to me. I was gonna take it dead seriously and everything. Might give Timmy Judge a game now."

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