Thursday, 10 November 2011

A Community Club

The City Fans United have continually come up with new ways of getting the local community involved in the football club, the most recent of example of this being the formation of a spate of new clubs, societies and classes, which will be run by or hosted by Chester FC.

Hot on the heels of announcements about computer literacy courses, THE CFU have further revealed that they will be staging photography classes and, at the request of manager Neil Young, Zumba sessions.

"The missus has been on at me about the fact I work two jobs, but this way we can spend more time together.  I'll come down for matches or training, and Mrs Young can do a spot of Zumba whilst she waits.  I don't know much about it, but apparently it's known as 'exercise in disguise' which, coincidentally, is my name for the Cheshire Senior Cup," commented the Blue Chief.

Further to this, a gardening club has been unveiled, and is expected to be a big hit.

"Gardening has become very popular amongst the lads," explained Young.

"John Danby has been asking visiting strikers not to enter his area as he's just re-seeded the six yard boxes.  We had to discipline Robbie Booth as he missed training in order to enter a "biggest marrow" competition at a fete.  He won, and the marrow was spectacular, but rules are rules and you have to train, no matter what vegetable competitions catch your eye.  We congratulated him, but fined him one delicious marrow.  Me and Powelly (Gary Powell) had a right feast."

Meanwhile, rumours have emerged that Jamie Rainford's comments on The Facebook were an attempt to get himself placed on gardening leave, having bought an allotment in response to the gardening craze currently sweeping the Blues squad.

Other ideas for clubs and classes have been bandied around by THE CFU, with the apparent trend being towards things that have as little to do with football as possible.

"Oh, we've got loads in the pipeline," said CEO Pat 'Chariots' Cluskey.

"Yodelling club (with the Blues), that's a good one.  How to use a Spirit Level (with the Blues) - excited about that one.  Erm... Learning the real names of cutlery (with the Blues)... I don't know about you, but I can't tell the difference between a dessert spoon and a soup spoon!  We've got How to draw the animals onto Animal Biscuits (with the Blues), How to properly use a semi-colon (with the Blues) and finally a soccer skills school.  Not 'with the Blues' though, that last one."

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