Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Hednesford Town Vs Chester FC - Match Preview

Chester inconveniently face Hednesford Town in the Doodson Cup tonight, aiming to build on Saturday’s impressive victory against Whitby.

Neil Young is set to use his full squad in order to rest key players and give others who actually care about the game a chance to play.

“It’s getting out of hand, I mean The Doodson Cup for goodness' sake.  I bet it will be really cold too,” said Gary Jones, filling in for Neil Young as he is busy 'not giving two hoots about a Doodson Cup, anyway'.

“We’ve promoted a couple of the kids for this game, but to be honest with you I can’t remember their names and Neil’s not answering his phone.”

Christian Smith revealed that the players used to weekend in Whitby as a chance to stage competitions ascertaining who will play the Hednesford fixture;

“Youngy said whoever wins the most games on FIFA 12 gets to sit out the game on Tuesday, and we all know Smiggs is FIFA king. I even played as Barnet against Matty McNeil just to give him a chance, but I think he’s still on FIFA 98 on the PS1 – get with the times, old man,” rapped the midfielder.

Reports also surfaced of a tense game of Hungry Hippos between the club's goalkeepers. Adam Judge was unfortunate to lose out, rendering him a dead cert for the starting 11.

On the journey home, Wesley Baynes and Liam Brownhill contested a round of Pop-up Pirate on the team coach, but the atmosphere turned sour after Brownhill inserted a sword, triggering the release of the pirate.  The ex-Droylsden man vigorously protested that an unusually large speed bump had caused the pirate to pop-up, insisting that it was nothing to do with his choice of slot on the barrel.

“I said it was best of three but Wes is having none of it. I’ve been robbed,” ranted Brownhill.

"Liam’s been unfortunate but we’ve all been there.  You pick your slot and once the Pirate is up, there’s not a lot you can do about it,” sympathised Neil Young.

The Blues fell to a late defeat at Keys Park earlier in the season and most observers would expect The Pitmen to be challenging for the promotion places in the league. As such, the Hednesford boss Rob Smith may challenge Neil Young to a sneaky game of "Who Can Field The Most Reserves?" 

Nonetheless, the football club is the pride of the town, although this is mainly due to the fact that there is nothing else in Hednesford.

“I started typing ‘Hednesford’ on Google and the football club was the first suggestion. That never happens,” mused disproportionately popular Chester Chronicle personality, The Tall Peacock.

“Guess I’ll be there doing the Tweets. Gotta think of the overtime at this time of the year.”

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