Thursday, 17 November 2011

Murray Christmas come early?

Allegedly drunken tweets on Monday indicated that Suited Media Boy Jiff Bricks has reignited his off-again-on-again relationship with Famous Colin Murray.

Famous Colin Murray, best known as the presenter late night panel show Street Cred Sudoku, is one of Chester's most famous backers along with fellow BBC sports pundit Famous Jonathan Legard.  Murray took an interest in Chester when the new club was formed, regularly mentioning the team on his radio programme, which featured Famous Pat Nevin and Famous Perry Groves.

The trio took in the odd game at the Exacta and provided financial backing in exchange for Nevin and Groves being amusingly named as unused substitutes in every home game.  Murray's main role at the club was to allow Bricks to act like they were best mates.

However, as the second season began, Murray's Chester involvement started to dwindle as he regularly sent Bricks messages saying "we'll meet up soon" and "sorry, I've just been really busy."  Meanwhile, Michael Wilde's current injury is believed to be a smokescreen for the striker to get his life back on track, following his distress due to the fact that Murray doesn't mention him weekly on his radio show anymore.

Many fans had taken to believing that the Northern Irish Murray had given up on Chester, choosing instead to refocus his attentions on his local team Liverpool.  However a tweet from Bricks on Monday, stating that Famous Colin Murray had thanked him for letting him be part of the club during some awards dinner type affair, has sprung hope amongst Chester faithful that the Special Relationship is not finished.

"I'm looking forward to him mentioning us on his radio show again, so that I can be the first to tell people on DevaChat that he said our name," glowed exile Geraldine Seesaw.

It is now expected that Murray may host the end of season dinner again, with The Jestrian's odds of being awarded the gig dropping to 7/1.  This makes The Jestrian third favourite behind Murray, at odds-on favourite, and Amelia Lily, who has emerged as a surprise second favourite.

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