Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Skipper demonstrates commitment by making irrelevant cup tie disastrously relevant

 Chester crashed out of That Dude's Son's Cup last night away to promotion rivals Hednesford Town.

The competition was widely considered to be the most unnecessary of this season's cup campaigns as it doesn't involve Wembley (FA Trophy) and isn't hilarious (Cheshire Senior Cup).  Nevertheless, as one of only four chances this season to win a trophy, it shouldn't be sneered at says captain George Horan.

"I'm angry that people think it doesn't matter," growled the centre back.

Two hours later he picked himself up a red card, meaning that he will miss four league matches.

"See?  It matters," Horan triumphantly stated as he headed for an early bath.

Manager Neil Young was noticeably irritated.  As Horan exited the pitch, Young was seen deliberately stepping outside the lines of his technical area as a taunt to the referee.

"We're without George for four matches, which is a massive blow.  On the plus side, we'll probably manage to win the Fair Play Award again now.  Maybe I should injure Michael Powell to make sure.  Might mess with the settings on his treadmill.  Classic antics," smirked Young

Chester eventually succumbed to a 3-1 defeat meaning that they are now out of both the cups that they conceivably could have won, and suddenly it seems like we all should have cared a lot more.

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