Thursday, 9 August 2012

Anonymous spoof blogging rocks sporting world

English cricket has been caught in controversy this week as troubled batsman Kevin Pietersen refuses to end speculation about his possible impending retirement, with reports suggesting that the 32-year-old suspects his team mates of being involved in an anonymous spoof Twitter account which pokes fun at him.

The incident has caused Chester FC to assess its own parody culture, which has begun to spiral out of control.

Devachat remains a parody of itself, The Seals Podcast is a left-field send-up of The Blue Moon Podcast whilst even The Jestrian has its own imitator.

The cleverly-named The Cestrian -  written by a mysterious man known only as "Rob Ashcroft" - models its reporting style on The Jestrian, but injects humour into proceedings by quoting things that Blues fans have actually said.

The publication also plays practical jokes, such as offering fans the opportunity of sponsoring kitman Jimmy Soul - although this did finally answer the philosophical question of "what price can one put on a Soul?"

Anonymity is a tool used by many, from street artist Banksy, to Top Gear's The Stig, to Sunderland's starting XI. Despite its popularity however, some Blues fans remain angry at the concept.

 "Unless you're willing to be punched in the face for your opinion, it doesn't count," said one Devachat poster.

"We need to know who is saying what so that we can assault them if we disagree. Brute force and intimidation should always win out over rational thought, and anonymity breaks that natural order by making us deal with the ideas rather than the person. Some of us can't handle that and would rather just pummel anything we don't understand."

With people refusing to name themselves, Neil Young has today bucked the trend by naming his strikeforce for the first game of the season nine days early.  Having confirmed that Nathan Jarman and Marc Williams will start up front away at Oxford next Saturday, Young has indicated that he'll publically reveal Chester's full tactics for the match "on Wednesday at some point".

The Blues start their Blue Square North season away at Oxford City on Saturday 18th August.

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