Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Conwy Borough vs Chester FC - Match Gather

Chester travel away to Conwy Borough tonight, giving Neil Young one more chance to see his squad in action before the season starts.

Most Blues fans appear to be happy with the likely starting XI, with concerns mostly surrounding the lack of back-up strikers and attacking midfielders.

"We figured that out after the first friendly, so I've no idea what we've been trying to learn from the subsequent 300," mused Harry Mac regular Gordon Tracksuit.

Other fans have moved to defend Young, pointing out that the manager has been embroiled in a perpetual cycle of pre-season matches and hasn't had an hour in between them to actually go and sign anyone.

"There've been... so many... games...", gasped an unshaven and sleep-deprived Young.

"Honestly, I've not seen a train in weeks.  I don't even know if I'm still employed by Merseyrail.  Every waking hour, there's a Chester friendly.  We're more full time than a full time club.  What's going on?"

Conwy Borough FC play in the Cymru Alliance league, but The Musselmen often struggle to fill their Y Morfa stadium, as Conwy has a totally boss castle where people prefer to go on a weekend.

"It's got turrets and arrow slits and stuff," beamed one boastful local.

Indeed, CFU media piranha Jiff Bricks had suggested the game should take on a competetive edge, with the winner taking ownership of the other's castle.  Chester City Council proved unhelpful with this plan, however, informing the club that they would not support their proposed gambling of Chester Walls on a third rate football match.

"Come back to us if you play Caernarfon though, and we might be tempted," offered one Council representative.

Meanwhile, the new home shirts which were definitely going to be on sale tomorrow, aren't going to be on sale tomorrow.  They're so retro, you can't even get them any more.

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