Thursday, 23 August 2012

Chester FC 1-0 Workington AFC - 1992 Report

Chester continued their assault on the top spot of the Blue Square North last night by steamrollering Workington AFC in a 1-0 drubbing at a brimming Exacta Stadium.

The first two games of the season have picked up where the Blues left off last term - Chester keeping clean sheets, winning home and away.  Manager Neil Young has made one slight adjustment, however.

"We thought that this year, we'd have a go at playing some football," revealed Young.  "It's working pretty well."

Despite this, The Blues Supremo was also quick to point out that the physical punt-it-long approach which made an appearance all too regularly over the past two seasons was never his intention.

"I asked the lads to play balls in the channel, but something got lost in translation and they thought I meant the English Channel.  They were trying to boot the ball halfway to Calais, but I never clocked on.  Got it sorted now though, ta."

It looked for a long time, last night, as though Chester wouldn't get their goal; their forwards failing to finish a number of good chances.

"The players work hard at spraying shots into the crowd by driving the ball at the heads unwitting spectators in the build-up to the game," commented Young.  "It's a skill."

The goal did finally come, following a gorgeous passage of play, in which Wes Baynes produced a phenomenal cross-field pass for Nathan Jarman, who laid the ball back for substitute Ben Mills whereupon the former Stafford striker finished in style.  Amongst the celebrations, one fan was seen on the phone to his solicitor.

"I wanted to know if there was any legal way in which I could marry that goal," explained West Stander Colin Grapplehook.

With Workington unable to produce an equaliser, Chester collected three more points, to give themselves the maximum six from their first two games.

"This start to the season shows a flagrant disregard for the football club's traditions," commented club historian Jazz Drummer.  "Chester do not start seasons well, and this is exactly why people refuse to equate us with the old Chester City.  Hopefully Young can learn from this and ensure that we are underwhelmed from day one again next season."

Colwyn Bay are the next visitors to the Exacta Stadium, on Saturday.  So do enjoy that.

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