Friday, 31 August 2012

Solihull Moors vs Chester FC - Match Consider

Chester FC travel to Solihull tomorrow, much to the sympathy of anyone who's ever been there.

Solihull - which has both a name and a physical appearance like someone has mixed up soil and dropped it on top of Hull - formerly played host to Solihull Borough FC before that team merged with Moor Green to create Chester's opponents for tomorrow, Solihull Moors.

The Moors have included Trinidad and Tobago striker Stern John in their squad at times this season, leaving CFC's leading journalists hoping that the former Birmingham man turns features tomorrow.

"Think of the headlines," dreamed a faraway Chronicle pen-twiddler The Tall Peacock.  "'Chester given Stern test' or 'Stern test for Neil Young'..."

"Ooh, what about 'Stern test for the Blues'?!"

Chester fans are currently feeling twitchy as rumours abound that star striker Ben Mills may sign for Wrexham before the transfer deadline.  Whilst this seems a slightly far-fetched idea, it still holds more credibility than Seals Podcast desk-monkey Dan Burns's recent claim that he knows who the Jestrian is.

With Solihull Moors FC having been born in 2007, the combined age of the clubs involved in tomorrow's match is just eight years, and club historian Jazz Drummer was quick to point out the significance of that number.

"Did you know that if you lined up all the yellow cards Michael Powell has gotten in his career and counted them one by one, it would take you eight years?", chattered Drummer.  "Also, if you added together all the fines his clubs have had to pay for those yellows, you'd be able to feed a family of five for eight years."

Blues manager Neil Young faces a welcome dilemma as to who to select in his starting XI, having utilised 16 players over a successful Bank Holiday weekend.

"Might keep switching it up, to be honest, keep it fresh," mused Young.  "Got a mate driving trains for me at Merseyrail, who's pretty handy when we play five-a-side.  Might throw him into the mix.  Or maybe Adam Proudlock."

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