Thursday, 30 August 2012

Quizzical therapy

Following today's announcement that a Chester FC quiz book is to be released, The Jestrian is proud to announce that it is following suit.  The Jestrian's Rhetorical Quiz Book will be released early September, with all profits going to that cat we had last season but appear to have forgotten about.

"The exciting bit about a book like this is that you don't have to know any facts," enthused The Jestrian at a hastily-convened press conference.  "None of the questions have any answers.  It's all rhetorical.  That way, you can claim intellectual superiority just by reading the book and nodding along, instead of having to contribute anything of your own."

"It's a bit like the blog in that respect."

The contents of the Rhetorical Quiz Book are being closely guarded, but some of the questions have been leaked, so as to whet the appetite of the general public.

The teasers range from ones with current relevance (e.g. "when there's been a fight at a football match, shouldn't we just condemn the behaviour of all involved, rather than trying to establish who started it?") to ones of a more general nature ("isn't it about time that we stop harking back to jibes about 'fools' and 'bingo halls', and start trying to win football matches in order to please ourselves, rather than to stick it to a former owner?")

Historical questions are also included, ("Dude, how over-rated was Sealand Road?") as well as a sarcastic section. ("Wow, Neil Young is well out of his depth, isn't he?")

"It's appropriate to bring a book like this out, as rhetorical questions follow CFC around," continued The Jestrian.

"People have been asking for months now why we're persisting with a club website that's clearly not fit for purpose.  And there's no answer to that.

"That's the spirit we're trying to capture, here."

You will be able to purchase the book, in person, direct from The Jestrian.  Which raises a whole bunch of questions, in itself.

Doesn't it?

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