Monday, 6 August 2012

Chester FC 3-0 North Ferriby United - Match Murmur

Chester FC grabbed their first trophy of the season with a straightforward 3-0 dispatching of North Ferriby United in the Peter Swales Charity Shield on Saturday.

Responding to numerous criticisms over pricing of friendly games, visiting clubs treating the Exacta Stadium turf as a makeshift creche and the age-old issue of travelling supporters being too far away to create any tangible sense of rivalry-driven atmosphere, the Blues hierarchy slashed admission costs to a fiver, hosted a credible opposing side and threw everyone in the confines of the main East Stand and were richly rewarded with a sub-600 attendance.

"I told them if they charged less for friendlies, they'd get bigger crowds," bragged Deva Chat poster Disingenuous Blue.

"My objection to the admission prices was never a case of me just trying to save a couple of quid.  It was for the good of the club, as you've seen."

In spite of the low admission cost, however, a number of fans did fail to attend, preferring to save their fiver in case they want to buy a sausage roll later in the season.

Those who did flood in through the turnstiles enjoyed a first-half game of "Spot the Entertainment", scouring the pitch for something exciting before giving up and having a look if anything fun was going on in the refreshments stand.

Marc Williams finally got the scoring underway ten minutes after the break, scoring from a Wes Baynes corner.

Marc Williams finally doubled the lead twelve minutes after the break, scoring from a Wes Baynes corner.

Williams slotted home his third right on the final whistle - a goal missed by fans who had left early to beat the rush.

The 3-0 victory gives Chester their first silverware of the season - a trophy which Neil Young insists he treasures as much as the two Evo Stik league trophies, won in his first two years.

"We're only in this game for a finite period of time - any cup you win, you treasure.  That's why I've still got my Merseyrail Employee of the Week plaque on my fireplace at home."

Young wore a look of pride as the Blues were presented with the trophy, but Blues captain George Horan had to be called back from the car park to attend the presentation.

"We were playing for a trophy?" enquired a confused skipper as he shuffled onto the pitch in order to spray champagne all over the ten fans who remained behind.  Meanwhile, CEO Pet Husky set off one of those streamer cannons we had at the end of last season.  On this occasion, the cannon turned out to be a phenomenal spectacle, which will live long in the memory of those who stayed to watch.

Young was later seen in the Legend's Lounge, waving the newly-won shield about and roaring "someone fire an arrow at me, see if I can block it!"

The Blues boss was then unavailable for comment as he and his assistant Gary Jones were called in for a stern reprimand by Carol Bennett after Jones accidentally embedded an bodkin-pointed arrow in the bar.

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