Tuesday, 9 October 2012

FC Halifax Town vs Chester FC - FA Cup Big Whoop

Chester FC head into tonight's return FA Cup third qualifying round clash at Halifax as an injury ravaged squad, with Neil Young's men down to the bare bones. Matty McGinn is suffering from a dead leg, Wes Baynes has tweaked his groin, Paul Linwood "doesn't really fancy the journey" and George Horan is receiving treatment for really poor judgment, following his weekend dismissal.

With options severely limited, Young is considering the famed Mourinho tactic of 'parking the bus'.

"It's certainly something I've thought about, but you never know what time The Hipkiss Express is gonna turn up so I'm working on a Plan B of hiring a Merseyrail Lightning Carriage for the evening instead," stressed Young.

The Blues boss is expected to revert to a more standard formation tonight, after having fielded three strikers to mixed reviews at the weekend.

"I thought it'd be good for team spirit if Tony Gray wasn't the only lad out there trying to get used to a new system in a high pressure situation," explained The King of Seals.

The formation was enough to distress Mark Williams who has confirmed that his head is "still west" following his confusion as to which position on the pitch he was supposed to be taking up.

"I was forced that wide at times that I wound up having to buy Jimmy Soul some nachos from the refreshment counter," purred the former Wrexham striker.  "Not easy running about whilst trying to balance guacamole in your left hand."

Meanwhile, the Ben Mills transfer saga has been blown wide open once more as the early season favourite has today taken to following The Jestrian on Twitter.

"He's clearly seen the good we've done for Iain Howard and wants a bit of that action," confirmed The Jestrian.  "I mean, who starts to follows a parody blog of a team they had a brief loan spell at if they're not intending to return?  No-one.

"Unless, of course, the blog is dead funny like.  Anyone's guess."

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