Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Chester FC vs Gainsborough Trinity - Match Third Glance

Chester take on Gainsborough Trinity in their rearranged FA Cup second round replay tonight.  The game had been due to take place last Wednesday, but club officials are thought to have called the game off just after the Jestrian had published its match preview, in a deliberate attempt to scupper the badly-designed blog.

"Ha! Let's see him find something interesting to say about Gainsborough three times in 10 days!", cackled Blues CEO Pet Husky.

Gainsborough sounds a bit like Farnborough, but not really.  They have a football team and Chester are playing them tonight.

Neil Young leads his side into the game full of confidence, despite the brief Twitter storm caused by Chronicle press prancer The Tall Peacock last night.  The bespectacled word-weaver triggered a bit of a commotion by tweeting that former Chester City manager and mastermind behind Stalybridge's comical 6-2 weekend defeat Jim Harvey "still has admirers in the Chester FC boardroom", with former director The Dark Owl registering his dissatisfaction with the implied slight on Young.

"People be talking smack 'bout how Harvey's a bosser boss than Neil," said The Owl, who has become much more 'street' since his abdication from the board.  "I say forget dem fools, y'hear me?"

With Halifax in store for the victor, Young is keen to secure victory.  Chester played the Shaymen just last month, in one of the tensest most exciting games in the short history of the new club.

"It was a great game between two relatively new football clubs," recalled Young.  "We've come a long way and of course you have to admire how Halifax have bounced back strong after they went bust and had to merge with Bank of Scotland."

With Young able to name seven substitutes in FA Cup matches, it seems inevitable that it can only be a matter of time before someone off of the Devachats suggests that Pat Nevin and Perry Groves could fill the extra spaces.

It better happen this time, yeah?

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