Monday, 15 October 2012

Bishop's Stortford 1-2 Chester FC - Match Scrutinise

Chester FC recorded a vital win on Saturday, with fans starting to believe that they might even win the title at this rate.

A 2-1 victory was all but certain, with all the goals coming in the last twenty minutes, the last of which filtered through from Blues Live around about noon today.

Chester looked to have been matched all game by the Stortspeople, and even when Nathan Jarman scored an absolute Rizzle Kick of a goal in the 75th minute, the hosts pulled back level with an equally impressive hit from Johnny Herd.

"Who just scored THAT?!", a shell-shocked Neil Young was heard to demand of his coaching staff.

"Johnny Herd," responded assistant Gary Jones.

"What did Johnny hear?", queried Young.

"No, no, it was Johnny Herd who scored," responded Jones.

"Well, if Johnny heard who scored, then why won't he tell us?", rasped a visibly agitated Young, whilst Jones slunk off back to the bench with a sigh.

It was left to Antoni Sarcevic to win the game for Chester, as he ramped home his second screamer of the last couple of weeks.

"It's another superb goal by Antoni Sarcevic who, from 35 yards, smashes in a 35-yard half volley," reported Chronicle Twitter-Tyrant, The Tall Peacock.

"He was very fortunate to be the correct distance from goal, as if he'd hit a 35-yard half volley from 40 yards, it wouldn't have reached," he added.

League leaders Brackley Town parted company with their keeper in midweek and, instead of replacing him, they elected to just play without one on Saturday.  A 6-1 defeat later, and Chester can now hit top spot with a win against Bradford Park Avenue midweek.

"We gonna rock down to... Bradford Park Avenue... and then we goin' higher...," sang manager Young in his post-match press conference, before being told that Wednesday's match is a home game and his little ditty doesn't really work.

"Gutted," responded Young, and toddled off to his car before any serious questions could be asked.

"Oh, and if you guys see Johnny, tell him I want to know who scored for them," he called back over his shoulder as he exited the ground.

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