Monday, 29 October 2012

Chester FC 2-1 Histon FC - Match Revisit

Chester FC fans have finally given up hope of their team losing a home game, and have instead switched to slagging their team off for the way in which they win.

The Blues overcame Histon on Saturday in a really-not-that-bad 2-1 victory but earnt the wrath of certain sections of their support regardless.

"Dreadful performance today," rasped West Stand sitter Mark Gass-Cylinder.  "Whenever my team comes back to nick a win despite losing their earlier lead, I go home with a real feeling of misery." 

The game started late after the Histon team got stuck on the motorway, frustrating fans, and also manager Neil Young when he realised that he could have stayed home and watched that second episode of How I Met Your Mother on E4 after all.

"I bet it was one I haven't seen as well," grumbled the Blues Boss.  "Didn't want to leave too late though.  Little did I know..."

Scoring got underway when Nathan Jarman won, and dispatched a penalty, whilst the absent Matty McGinn wandered off to the toilets to scream in frustration.

"All season, we wait for a penno," sobbed McGinn.  "Then I get injured and suddenly a ref gives one.  It's not fair."

Chester held onto their lead until half time, but surrendered shortly after as Histon skipper Remi Clerima hammered home in a crowded area.

"It appears that following their thunderous start to the season, Chester have elected to shank all their own set pieces and defend their opponents' set pieces really badly," mused Chronicle Opinion-Guru The Tall Peacock.  "Makes for an even playing field, so fair play to them for that."

It needed former Crewe midfielder and genuine footballing superhero Antoni Sarcevic to find Chester their winning goal.  Some good work by substitute Tony Gray allowed Sarcevic to tap in at the back post, and wheel away dreaming of recreating the goal on FIFA later in the evening.

"It's great to get the three points and carry some momentum into the Vauxhalls game on Tuesday, as they're really motoring at the moment," guffawed Young after the game, before realising that no-one had joined in the laughter and storming off.

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