Friday, 5 October 2012

Chester FC vs Halifax Town - Match Prologue

Chester continue their scintillating FA Cup run tomorrow as they welcome Halifax Town to the Exacta, having already sent them away with their tails between their legs once this season.

"Gluttons for punishment, these boys," chortled Blues manager Neil Young. "We'll take the easy ties at this stage in the comp, though."

Halifax will be turning up without former Chester striker Jamie Rainford, who has managed to get himself frozen out by a team at which he is on loan - something that seems as though it might even be a completely unprecedented achievement.

The visitors are expected to roll out their big-guns though, with early reports suggesting that that one who kept falling over in the area last time out will play, along with their several specialist ref-baiters.

Young is keen to progress far in the country's oldest cup competition - the newly full-time football man has spied the televised stages as a chance to put himself in the shop window.

"Sir Alex isn't gonna be at United forever," nodded the Blues supremo.  "This could be my shot.  Maybe I could get in as his assistant first.  We know he hates doing them press conferences, whereas Youngy here can talk for half an hour without drawing breath.  Something to think about, Al, yeah?"

Chester's players are likely to be a little tired following the marathon game on Tuesday, where they took until extra time to see off the challenge of Gainsborough Trinity.

"There's a few tired legs, so it's just been light training this week," confirmed Young.  "George has been round my house changing lightbulbs.  I've not got a ladder, so he's been climbing up the back of Nathan Jarman, using his skills."

"Marc Williams has been working on his link-up play by playing with my model train sets and Michael Powell's been picking up bookings for his go-karting business, keeping his eye in."

Halifax have been handed use of the West Stand for the evening, leading to outrage from some Chester fans, who are unsure whether that section of the ground can handle the possibility of noise.

"Anything more than a light cricket clap, and the roof might pop off," warned veteran fan Giles Weasel-Catcher.

Though the move has attracted some criticism, the continued failure to allow away fans in the South Stand continues to rankle with H Block regulars, thereby rendering this one of the finest decisions yet made by the board.

A draw would see the teams head to The Shay for a replay, which is actually an oddly appealing possibility.

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