Friday, 8 February 2013

Chester's free Saturday is "all the board's fault"

Chester FC have a Saturday off this weekend, much to the discontent of their loyal fans, who also own the club, some of them, sort of.

"It's just like the old days under Vaughan," raved H Block regular Marvin Agenda. "Remember when we went all those Saturdays without a game in his last season? How is this any different? At least with Vaughan it was because we couldn't raise a squad. This is worse because we have a whole bunch of players - all on £50k a week, I've heard from a guy in a bar who had an earring - and yet The CFU is having them sitting doing nothing on a Saturday. It's a disgrace."

The ill-feeling is spreading, and despite protestations from club CEO Pet Husky that this is just how the fixtures have fallen, many continue to air their grievances.

"I like watching football on a Saturday, but these men in their ivory towers are telling me there's no match," wept West Stand regular Graeme Mopbucket. "Why wasn't this put to the The CFU membership? I want a vote on these things. In fact, why do we even elect directors? Every member of The CFU should have their own office at the ground. OUR club? Doesn't feel like it."

Some have even gone so far as to demand that heads roll.

"Who hired the fixture secretary?! Who was it? Who hired them?! Sack whoever hired our fixtures secretary! Do we have a fixtures secretary? If not, why not? Sack whoever decided we didn't need a fixtures secretary!", read one of the more balanced posts on the Deva Chats.

Others been more constructive in their criticism.

"We need city centre awareness," nodded sage supporter Thomas Sage. "You ask most residents of Chester, they don't even know there's not a match in their own city this weekend. Someone should be there with a sandwich board or something, promoting the free weekend."

"Erm. I'm busy," said the same fan in response to it being pointed out that such promotion doesn't need to be done in an official capacity by club volunteers, and anyone who thinks it's a good idea can quite easily do it themselves.

Without a match, the Blues cannot extend their points advantage over Guiseley. But that probably won't stop Guiseley officials explaining why Chester are top in their local paper, by recourse to excuses based on ignorance or lies, depending on whether or not you want to give them the benefit of the doubt.

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