Monday, 18 February 2013

Corby Town 1-2 Chester FC - Match Reflect

Chester FC won 2-1 this weekend, on a Saturday that raised more questions than it answered.

Initially, Chester's victory, coupled with Guiseley's defeat at Vauxhall Motors, looked to have put Chester well on the road to a third successive promotion before Blue Square Bet announced that they were paying out on bets for Chester FC as champions.

"What does this mean?", fretted manager Neil Young.  "Blue Square own the league don't they?  Are we champions?  We must be if they say we are.  Someone find out before Tuesday.  I'm not going Workington unless I very much have to."

A 2-1 victory for Chester saw goals from Dave Hankin and Nathan Jarman, whilst a scarcely-interested Young spent his time texting Lee Trundle and trying to find old videos on the Showboat segment from Soccer AM.

"Yeah, I been chilling with Trunds lately," confirmed The Big Blue Cheese.  "We're about the same age and our knees are in a similar state, so we've got plenty to talk about."

A late goal for Corby reawakened the Chester fans who had travelled only to spend the second half checking Twitter for score updates from Ellesmere Port.  Vauxhall Motors form is now so good, that Blue Square have stopped taking bets on them to sneak their way up as champions.

"We're certain Chester will do it, but Vauxhall are motoring too so we're just trying to play it safe," said Blue Square bookmaker-in-chief Ally Algae. 

Meanwhile Motormen chief mechanic Carl Macauley has confirmed that he has been scoping Chester for their weaknesses and is confident of launching an assault on the title.

"We've noticed that the best way to take on Chester is to not do much all season, then go on an insane run right at the death," nodded Macauley.  "Skelmersdale did it two years ago, and almost pulled it off with an unrealistic scoreline on the final day. We're trying to replicate that, though I'm concerned that maybe we overdid the 'not doing much' bit for the first half of the season."

Despite Chester's win, Neil Young has stated that he will be strengthening the squad, and today confirmed the signing of Trundle with others possible.

"The time that you're at your weakest is when the prospect of you losing top spot is so remote that a bookie is willing to give their cash away," explained an experienced Young.

A trip to Workington awaits, with Blues fans expected to withdraw their support for the club's Squad Builder fund and pour their cash instead into a Road Builder fund for the west coast of Cumbria.

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